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This is an ongoing blog documenting events and observations from my time living in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


I may also throw in the occasion post on the challenges, and of course joys, of being a first time father.


I try to avoid writing about politics or football on here. But sometimes I just can’t help myself!


Comments are open to all, but please be nice if you can!


Please contact me if you would like to use any of the content of this blog elsewhere.


DS 2.0

By DS, Aug 25 2015 03:53PM

So there is an exciting new look website that everyone simply must see...!

Yes, after just over a year of this freelancing malarkey, I have decided it is time to give my website, and with it my brand, a bit of a refresh. So if you have clicked through to this blogpost, welcome to my new, slicker, crisper, simpler website.

I have refined my content, updated the look and layout, and added one or two quirky new features which I am pretty proud of. Do have a look around and if you have any thoughts, feel free to leave a comment below. (Be nice please!)

A range of clients have kept me pretty this year, but I am always open to new projects, so if you think I might be able to help with any Public Relations, Public Affairs, or Freelance Writing projects, don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] for a highly competitive quote.

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